Arsenal face West Ham United at home on Sunday, as the world reels from the news that it will be Arsene Wenger’s penultimate Premier League match in North London.


Until last weekend, Arsenal were starting to put together a pretty good run of games. The team managed six wins in a row, then a draw against CSKA Moscow which felt more like a win given the circumstances.

Of course, when a Premier League away game came around, it all went wrong again. In that case, Newcastle emerged victorious 2-1.

This time around, Arsenal are back at home, where their results are much better. Nonetheless, this wasn’t a game that would’ve drawn much attention until Arsene Wenger revealed he was stepping down from his managerial role this summer.

Now, suddenly everyone wants a ticket, and the team have massive motivation to put in a performance. Of course, they can’t quite go all our with their first-choice players, because there’s a Europa League semi-final coming up on Thursday to think about.


So how will Wenger set up his side for the weekend, to try and find the balance between resting players for Thursday and still putting out a side that can win the match?

Let’s try and work it out…

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