The rumour that Hector Bellerin could be on his way to Juventus in the summer has been doing the rounds again and Arsenal fans aren’t keen on the idea.

The Guardian claimed on Friday that Bellerin wanted to move to Juve for a new challenge. The Serie A giants are allegedly willing to cough up £45m. But, if the report’s true, would Arsenal really allow the 22-year-old to leave less than two years after he signed a six-year extension?

The right-back has been off the boil for over a year now. He hasn’t looked the same since he was sidelined with an ongoing ankle problem in January 2017. Therefore, when we put the question to you guys on Twitter: Should Arsenal allow Bellerin to leave? I wasn’t surprised that 19% of you – at the time of writing – said yes.

However, the vast majority of the Arsenal fans who voted are still very much on board with the club keeping the Spaniard.

Last summer, Barcelona were heavily linked with a move for Bellerin but, according to the Telegraph, Arsenal told them in no uncertain terms: hands off.

It seems that most fans reckon we should do the same to Juve.

The difference with Bellerin this time around though is that he might actually want to go – not just because Arsenal are a shambles right now but because he genuinely thinks he could do better elsewhere.

The BBC’s David Ornstein said back in September that Bellerin had been keen on a move over the summer but hadn’t wanted to force the issue. This time, he might try.

Although most fans think the recording that appeared on Twitter two weeks ago was fake, the right-back hasn’t denied it personally.

In said recording, ‘Bellerin’ said he wanted a “fresh challenge” and would fight ‘them’ (presumably Arsenal).

Perhaps the Guardian’s report stems from this; perhaps they actually know what they’re talking about.

Here’s what some of you guys had to say about the matter: