Ian Wright says he’s heard reports of Arsenal players repeatedly turning up late for training, or calling in sick to avoid coming in at all.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, Wright spoke about the situation with Arsene Wenger and club owner Stan Kroenke.

He claimed that there is an attitude problem with the Arsenal squad at the moment, and things have got so bad that players feign illness to get out of training sessions.

“You’re hearing even young players coming into the squad are turning up late for training, people are having to go to their houses to get them to come to training,” Wright said.

“You know, people not turning up to training, calling in sick.”

If true, the comments are extremely worrying. You can’t expect a team to put in their best on the pitch if they aren’t doing it in training.

Of course, there’s no way to verify the comments, so whether you believe them or not just depends on whether you trust Wright’s sources.

One thing we do know is that Alex Iwobi has been one of the main offenders in the past. Jack Wilshere told Soccer AM in January that the 21-year-old gets fined the most for being late.

At the time though, Wilshere made it sound like club captain Per Mertesacker enforced the rules pretty strictly. It’d be strange if that suddenly changed in the past month-and-a-half.

Although, with results going the way that they are, it’s always possible one or two players have lost motivation.

Hopefully they find it again soon, because they’re running out of time to get anything at all from this season.