Petr Cech’s stats are, for the most part, the worst they’ve ever been while the goalkeeper’s been at Arsenal, but how much of this is his fault and how much can be blamed on poor defending?

In 2015/16, Cech kept a clean sheet during 47% of the games he featured in for Arsenal (16).

In 2016/17, that reduced to 34% and this season he’s only kept a clean sheet during 33% of his appearances so far.The 35-year-old now concedes 1.33 goals-per-game compared to 0.91 two seasons ago. He’s also only making 0.15 catches-per-game; the shot-stopper was catching 0.49-per-game last season.

Even more worrying are Cech’s personal errors. This season, he’s committed four errors which have led to a goal compared to just one last term and two before that.

The steady decline is concerning. But how much of this is because Arsenal are probably the worst team at defending since the invention of football?

Arsenal have committed 11 errors that have led to goals this season, which means that Cech only accounts for 36.36%. That may seem high, since he’s only one man in a team of 11, but he’s the last man – of course he’s going to have more opportunities to mess up than most outfield players.

Granit Xhaka, for example, is a defensive midfielder and has made three errors that have led to goals, which is simply staggering.

Last season, Arsenal made five errors over the course of the entire Premier League campaign and the year before that we made the same.

Arsenal have already made more errors leading to a goal this season than the last two combined.

Cech wasn’t to blame for all of those.

While the former Czech Republic international is far from his best, Arsenal’s shambolic defending is also largely at fault for his terrible stats.