Former Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas admitted he used to have a real disliking for John Terry before joining Chelsea.

Fabregas has a lot stronger personal relationship with the ex-Chelsea captain thanks to the years spent together at Stamford Bridge. However, Cesc told Sky Sports that wasn’t always the case, revealing a real dislike for the defender when he was at Arsenal.

He said in the documentary: “He is the type of player that I had many battles with. I disliked him very much at some point playing for Arsenal, we had a lot of confrontations, but one thing I always had for him was respect.”

It’s not much of a surprise, as the period Cesc spent in North London provided many of the more fiery encounters between the two clubs. Ashley Cole left for the Blues and this just intensified the rivalry between the two sides.

Clearly Cesc didn’t hold any grudges as he had no trouble signing up with the club he had all those battles with. After his dream move to Barcelona failed and he found Arsène Wenger wasn’t keen to take him back in 2014, Chelsea were the only side offering a solution.