Mesut Ozil has mocked so-called experts for their FA Cup final predictions.

  • The Evening Standard gave Arsenal no chance of winning
  • Turns out they were all wrong

The German took a moment out of his well-earned rest to to point and laugh at the Evening Standard’s predictions via Twitter.

Only James Olley offered Arsenal any chance by acknowledging their improved form, which saw them win eight of their last nine games in the lead-up to the final.

Tony Evans, however, had a shocker. His prediction that Chelsea could rout Arsenal is particularly funny given the number of goals Arsenal should have scored themselves.

The players rarely take to social media to gloat after victory, but I’m sure Arsenal’s PR team will forgive Ozil this time. He and supporters alike should be allowed to revel in the immense satisfaction of proving people wrong.

Especially when they’ve had to suffer the criticism of those same people all season.