According to a report in the Daily Mail, Chelsea are keen to bring Petr Cech back to Stamford Bridge at some point.

The tabloid claims that Cech is one of four ‘greats’ the club is targeting for a return to help with off-field duties at Chelsea. The other three include John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Didier Drogba.

When Cech first arrived at Arsenal in the summer of 2015, it had been hoped that he would help develop goalkeepers like Wojciech Szczesny, as well as providing a solid base for a fragile Arsenal defence.

He has played a role in the second part, although not even Cech at his peak could make Arsenal’s defending look decent these days, but the decision to ship Woj out on loan meant he was not be able to benefit from the Czech’s experience.

That hasn’t stopped Szczesny developing. He’s matured well in Italy and is set to return to Arsenal this summer, although his future is far from certain.

As for Cech, it’s hard to see him turning down a role at his former club.

Had he not lost his shirt to Thibaut Courtois, he would no doubt still be there.