The final whistle has blown on the last North London Derby at White Hart Lane, with Arsenal deservedly losing 2-0 but did we actually learn anything?

Goals from Eric Dier and Harry Kane (pen) sealed Spurs’ three points, ensuring that they keep the pressure on Chelsea at the top of the table and that Arsenal most likely won’t manage to finish in the top four for the first season under Arsene Wenger.

After the season Arsenal have had, you’d think we’d have learned a thing or two from previous defeats. Doesn’t look like it.

So, did we learn anything from this embarrassing loss at the hands of our bitterest rivals?

We know that Alexis Sanchez can be overrated when he tends to disappear more often than many will admit; we also know Mesut Ozil is often used as a scapegoat for when the whole team are playing badly, and we also know that Harry Kane likes to dive.

What else?

Giroud’s boots contain led weights

Olivier Giroud is slow. No one’s ever disputed this. He’s (supposed to be) a tall, strong target-man who’s an ideal choice when playing against a team likely to park the bus.

The aerial threat is perfect when the only way Arsenal can get the ball in the box is just looping crosses over the top.

However, against a fast team like Spurs, Oli’s lack of speed was highlighted and he struggled to get into the game at all.

In the first half, he’d only touched the ball 19 times.

Ramsey’s returned

Watching Aaron Ramsey against Spurs was like watching the actual Aaron Ramsey again.

As if the Ramsey that’s been playing in his position this season, while playing well at times, has been an alien sent down to confuse us and now they’ve put the real one back.

The Wales international was simply sensational in the North London Derby.

He didn’t stop running and was involved all over the pitch. One second he was taking a shot, the next he was heading away a chance at the other end.

At half time, Ramsey had attempted more shots that any other player on the pitch: three, one of which was on target. He’d also completed 12/15 passes (four out of four in the attacking third), won one out of one take-ons, two tackles, an interception, and an aerial duel.

Considering Ramsey’s only been successful going into tackles 19% of the time this season and has only won six, this is brilliant.

Ozil’s a little wind-up merchant

Mesut Ozil may seem quiet and unassuming a lot of the time but he was obviously feeling a little mischievous against Spurs.

While the playmaker took a corner right in front of the home crowd during the last ever North London Derby at White Hart Lane, he was taking a lot of abuse. Goodness knows what they were actually shouting at him or whether he even understood all of it but it can’t have been nice.

Was he fazed? Not at all.

In fact, he blew his devoted ‘fans’ a little kiss.

On another occasion, Ozil even stroked his Arsenal badge (literally his Arsenal badge, get your minds out the gutter).

I guess playing Spurs brings out the troll in everybody.

Petr Cech’s still got it… sometimes

Despite not having the best season, credit where it’s due, Cech pulled it out the bag against Spurs.

While Arsenal were 2-0, the 34-year-old leaped into action, making nine saves and preventing Spurs from completely humiliating the Gunners.

He may not play like this all the time anymore but the big guy still has it in him to save our skin.

Same old Arsenal, always disappointing

While Spurs’ penalty was the result of a dive, Arsenal didn’t play well.

Despite the last two positive results against Manchester City and Leicester, the Gunners were back to their usual disorganised selves at White Hart Lane. Just as we have been for most of the season.

They couldn’t keep up with their opposition’s swift passing and movement. They looked slow, clumsy and unable to string more than a few passes together.

They appeared confused and lost.

Far from the Arsenal we’re supposed to be.

Tottenham won deservedly and it hurts.