Harry Kane has implied that Spurs don’t really care about finishing above Arsenal this season; methinks they do.

  • Wenger has never finished below Spurs
  • Spurs 4 points off top
  • Kane claims they had bigger things to worry about
  • Tottenham v Arsenal kicks off at 4:30pm

Kane seems to be spouting the same rhetoric as Mauricio Pochettino.

The striker claims that Spurs are looking at bigger things this season, like catching Chelsea at the top of the league, than simply finishing above Arsenal despite not doing so since 1995.

“I think there’s a bigger picture,” said Kane [via the Mail of Sunday].

“Of course for the fans it would be a great moment actually to win against Arsenal (and finish above them) — that would be fantastic. But from our point of view we’ve got bigger things to look forward to. We’ve got to try and win that game and just keep the pressure on as much as we can.

“We don’t know what Chelsea are going to do, we’ll see what happens when they play (at Everton) on Sunday early. We’ll probably watch it while we’re waiting for our game. But we’ve got to keep winning our games. It’s a massive one.”

Spurs are obviously playing down their excitement at the fact that they’ll finish above their bitterest rivals for the first time since Arsene Wenger moved to north London in 1996.

Most of them, especially the likes of Kane, who know exactly what it means, must be positively wetting themselves.

Arsenal finishing below Spurs this season is inevitable but the least the Gunners can do is win the last ever North London Derby at White Hart Lane.

Give that lot something to remember.