Arsenal are going to Liverpool to control the match and play their usual game – there will be no bus-parking at Anfield.

With Jurgen Klopp telling his players they are playing for their future, it seems as if the game will be an absolute cracker as both sides go for it.

“We lost at Everton and City after being 1-0 up and it was because we were not proactive after we went ahead – we were too passive,” Wenger said.

“That is what we want to add to our game. What is most important for me now is the attitude to just go for it – to go and take.

“What is linked many times with belief is a passive mode and not enough pro-activity. You have to make things happen. It is always a mindset.

“How do I bring it out in the players? By making them conscious of it.

“We want to be defensively solid but you also want to have an attitude and desire to score goals.

“I think confidence plays a part. If you want to park the bus then you lose Ozil.

“He is a guy who needs possession and with possession he is a marvellous player. It gives him freedom as well.

“Did I expect a big game mentality when I signed him? Yes. But he has been analysed a lot. He suffered a lot from the loss of Cazorla because Cazorla in deep midfield can get you out of pressure.

“He gets the ball played through to a player who is higher up and then Ozil is a player who, with the timing of the pass, with the ball at the right moment, he can always do damage.

“He had 17 or 18 assists last year [19], he has less this year. His numbers dropped since we had less collective possession in deep midfield, providing less ammunition for the high midfield.

“Everybody owes us a performance. If you play for Arsenal, you always owe us a performance.

“You cannot say you want to play for Arsenal and not perform. Everybody wants to perform.

“I don’t want to make a debate about one player before a game like this. It’s not Ozil alone who will win us the game. It’s a strong team performance.”

Quite how effective Ozil can be after suffering from another illness this week remains to be seen [cont below].

Reports on Friday night claimed that Ozil had not even travelled with the squad but these were contradicted on Saturday morning.