Jens Lehmann appears to be in the vast minority of human beings on the planet who believe that Arsene Wenger should stay at Arsenal past this season.

Even the most vehement of Wenger supporters now believe that the club needs change and while that means no disrespect to the manager, staying longer and accepting the offer of a new deal seems like playing with fire.

However, Lehmann, who played under Wenger for five years, believes it’s difficult to replace intelligence.

“I think he has to stay now — he’s done so much for the club,” Lehmann told Talksport. “People are talking about his age and they want a new manager to bring fresh air but it’s very difficult to replace intelligence.

“He’s still got the fire and for what he’s done he deserves not to go out on such a bad result. Next season it could be a completely different situation.”

Who will replace Wenger is a huge question and while there is indeed only one Arsene Wenger, wanting change is nothing to do with his age. It’s to do with his tactics, his approach to games and his stubbornness when it comes to adapting. It’s about the fact that he’s ages to improve this and he hasn’t. This isn’t just one result.

Saying this, Lehmann knows him far better on a personal level than any of us could hope to and it’s true that in respect of what the boss did for the club, he is irreplaceable.