Petr Cech has come out in defence of Alexis to say that the player wasn’t laughing on the bench when Arsenal were getting hammered 5-1 by Bayern Munich last week.

The Chilean came in for heavy criticism from fans and media for seemingly having a little chuckle as Arsenal conceded the fifth goal.

But that’s not what happened according to Cech.

“It is sad and he was as sad as I have seen him,” Cech said.

“Unfortunately when you say the sentence, ‘had we scored the second goal everything could look different’ and then you do ‘ooph’ (exhale) you know, but in the end the reality is you are 5-1 down and somebody twists it and says you are laughing on the bench.

“I found it very disrespectful to the player. But obviously you can take the picture and you can interpret it the way you want unfortunately.

“But we the players, we know exactly what he said and we know how he was hurting and he was as disappointed as anybody else. It is unfortunate and disappointing.”

Most people seem to believe that Alexis is off in the summer and reports over the weekend that he is becoming a dressing room ‘outcast’ will do nothing to help. That being said, it’s well worth remembering that the most recent stories about what is or isn’t going on in the Arsenal dressing room have been denied by the club.