In case you didn’t know, Arsenal’s Japanese forward, Takuma Asano, is quite the speedster; in fact, he’s almost as quick as Theo Walcott and Hector Bellerin.

The forward, who’s currently on loan with German club Stuttgart, recently gave an interview with Bild, in which the outlet claimed that 22-year-old can run 30 metres in 3.67 seconds. This got us thinking: does this mean he’s quicker than Walcott and Bellerin?

According to Totalsportek, Walcott has reached 34.3km/h while Bellerin’s blistering pace registers at 34.77km/h.

When you convert Bild’s stats, it seems that Asano is a little slower – 29.4277km/h. This seems accurate considering Four Four Two‘s speed stats from July last season suggest he runs only marginally faster than that at 30.5084km/h.

Of course, there’s the issue of whether the Totalsportek figures are accurate. They all seem a little fast to me. For example, Talksport put Walcott at 32.7km/h in May 2015.

What can we draw from these findings?

Theo, Hector and Takuma are all very fast but there’s only one way to settle this…

A fight to the death. I mean race… A running race.