Wojciech Szczesny has told the media in Poland that he will move to a club in the summer where he will be number one, meaning Arsenal have a big choice to make.

On form this season, there is no denying that Woj is Arsenal’s best keeper. He has excelled with Roma as they chase down Juventus and has matured greatly during his two years in the country.

With Peter Cech looking like he is on the downslide of his career and David Ospina impressing no-one, at least not in English competitions, Arsenal have a ready-made, top replacement at their disposal.

Szczesny has shown that he has what it takes to be Arsenal’s number one and if we didn’t already own him, fans would bite your hand off for the chance to sign him for ‘free’.

But the Gunners might only get one more summer with him if they don’t make the right call.

He’s had a taste of life as a first-choice keeper once again and he knows that is the role he should be playing. He’s also out of contract in 2018 so it’s stick or twist time for Arsenal.

“I concentrate on playing well, not reading newspapers,” Szczesny told Przeglądu Sportowego. “But actually, this season more my attitude on the pitch is good. Poor – very rare. I’m glad, but the end of the season is a couple of months away and I’m going to not only maintain the current spirit, but even improve it.

“With good performances, people are more interested in what I do on the pitch. They stopped focussing on what’s around me. I am first and foremost footballer, I always wanted that and I would just seen me [?]. 

“I have peace and privacy, which I deeply appreciate.

“I believe that my character in the last rounds of Serie A will be appropriate, that the summer will allow me to choose a club where I will be number one.”

The ‘peace and privacy’ comment is also an interesting one and certainly a nod to the press coverage in England of the Pole. That won’t change should he return to Arsenal and all signs seem to indicate that a return is his preference.

But he won’t come back to sit on the bench. Nor should he. He’s far too good for that.