The day after the Bayern result, I said on Twitter that it was becoming increasingly hard to tell if people were ranting about Donald Trump or Arsene Wenger online.

So if it seems as if the Arsenal manager gets as much, if not more coverage, compared to the Orangutan currently running America, then you’d be right.

Thanks to the Observer, we now know that it is not simply Arsenal fan paranoia – the media DO give more coverage to Arsene Wenger than Donald Trump. At least this week.

After Arsenal lost a football game and Trump gave one of the most unhinged press conferences you will ever see from a world leader, it was the boss who got more column inches. A lot more.

Trump’s coverage ran to 384 column centimetres, which covered a complete overhaul of the US Middle East policy, and all the other nonsense that comes with his administration.

Wenger, his future and the defeat in Germany? 636 column centimetres.

Imagine a football manager and a football match getting more coverage than one of the greatest threats humans have faced in living memory.