Rob Holding recently looked back on Olivier Giroud’s scorpion kick against Crystal Palace and revealed that the France international has actually done similar in training before.

The former Bolton Wanderers centreback admitted that he collapsed on the bloke behind him when he saw Giroud’s impressive goal from the stands at the Emirates but that he’s done similar in training.

“I wasn’t involved in the game so I was in the stands,” the 21-year-old said to Arsenal Player. “But I remember turning round and just collapsing on to the guy behind me, just like ‘oh wow!’

“I couldn’t believe he’d hit it because you see him in the air and it the ball seemed to be floating, then it hits the bar and it’s just one of those goals that you never forget.

“I’ve been training a couple of times and seen Olivier as the ball’s come over, he’s flipped around and done an overhead kick and caught it sweet. So he has got that potential. Then you’ve obviously got Alexis and Mes [Ozil], they’ll pull out something special that you’re not expecting.”

This goes some way to proving that the lovely goal was no fluke and that Giroud has even attempted it in training before. The fact that, according to Holding, he’s succeeded is even better.

Although Holding is yet to score a competitive goal for Arsenal since signing in the summer and has only played 270 minutes in the Premier League, Giroud has scored seven in 16 and assisted four.

The 30-year-old has been a huge help this season and although the scorpion kick was mouthwatering to watch, there have been far more important times he’s found the back of the net. For example, Bournemouth and Preston away.

Long may it continue, although preferably we’ll stop needing him to bail us out at some point…