Arsene Wenger believes that all his players want to play every minute for him as he continued to try and dampen down the ‘uproar’ over Alexis Sanchez throwing a strop.

Speaking after the game against Swansea at the weekend, the boss was naturally asked (repeatedly) about Alexis huffing when he came off the pitch. With Dimitri Payet on strike and Diego Costa ‘injured’, some reporters sensed a third player they could throw in to the tantrum mix.

Wenger was having none of it.

Interestingly, the Sun don’t publish the question that led to this answer, but we can assume that it was about Costa and that Wenger didn’t just randomly start speaking about the Chelsea forward.

“I have enough problems —I don’t need a Costa problem on top of that,” Wenger said.

“Alexis is a guy who wants to fight everywhere, sometimes where he shouldn’t. But that is a part of his game. All my players want to play for every minute but for me this is not a story.”