Arsene Wenger gave an interview to BTSport ahead of Arsenal’s game against Basel on Wednesday night.

The manager was asked about his future plans and without giving away any specifics, it seems very clear that he has absolutely no intention of stopping when his Arsenal contract expires at the end of the season.

“I would like to continue on managing as long as I feel I can produce quality in my work,” Wenger said.

“Hopefully I will be lucid enough or people around me will be strong enough to say ‘look, my friend, stop’.

“At the moment I am like the player. I work to be better every day and I’m focused to see where I can improve and as long as I have that desire, and health of course, I enjoy it.

“We want to win the European cup but we are in December and you win it in May. We have made the first [inaudible] to qualify.”

He is certainly still producing the quality, that’s for sure.

Arsenal are unbeaten in the Premier League since the opening day, have just went through their Champions League group unbeaten for the first time in 11 years, topping it in the process, and have not lost a game on the road all season (or conceded a first half league goal on the road).

There are whispers about a new one-year rolling contract coming his way.

Rolling contracts don’t have an end date and just keep going until one of the two parties decides they doesn’t want to continue any more.

Given that Wenger has never broken a contract before, we can assume under a rolling deal that any season he starts, he will finish.

But after that?

Only Arsene knows.