Laurent Koscielny was once again Arsenal’s main man against Manchester City.

Not that it mattered, considering Arsenal still lost (2-1) but, without the France international at the back, it could have been a lot worse.

Kos completed the most clearances out of anyone on the pitch: 10/10. Second was Nacho Monreal, who cleared the ball nine times. Although he wasn’t as solid as Kos, he also intercepted the ball the most: three times.


Unlike the Everton match, where Kos also won the most aerial duels, he was sixth against City, only winning three out of three attempted. Gabriel, on the other hand, tried five but only won three.

It’s worrying that we’re having to reply on Koscielny to clear the ball so much. 10 times is no joke. Although, if you watched the match, you’ll know exactly how much pressure Arsenal were under in the second half.

Who knows, if Kos hadn’t been there, the result might have been even more embarrassing.