Mario Balotelli has dared to compliment Arsenal and the media are having a field day.

The former Liverpool striker, who’s now at Ligue 1 club, Nice, said that he liked the Gunners but even made a point of saying that this doesn’t mean that he’s going to Arsenal. The fact that even Balotelli could predict how his comment could blow up says a lot.

“[If I go back to England] for sure not Liverpool,” he said.

“Because I found myself [performing] very bad in Liverpool. I said the team was good and the fans are amazing, but I would never go back to Liverpool.

“The first one I think in England is Manchester City, and the second team I always like is Arsenal. That doesn’t mean I’ll go to play there. I just like them.”

Since the interview with Chinese publication, Xinhua, the media have attempted to insinuate that the Italy international now wants a move to Arsenal.


As you can see, the Metro have completely twisted the comments.

Despite this, for the most part, Balotelli seems to have escaped the evil British press and making the dreaded football news. Either that or, at the age of 26, he finally grew up.

After he left City and had a year in Milan, the striker spent two years at Liverpool. One of which was back on loan at Milan. While in Merseyside, he only made 16 Premier League appearances and scored just once.

Now he’s at Nice, he appears to have found his level, scoring six goals in six Ligue 1 appearances.