Arsenal have drawn Bayern Munich in the Champions League…AGAIN.

For what feels like the 100th season in a row, Arsenal have drawn Bayern in the Champions League knock-out stage.

Although we managed to avoid facing the Bundesliga giants last season since we were busy being beaten by Barcelona, we did encounter them in the group stages, winning 2-0 at home but getting thumped 5-1 away.

However, during the 2013/14 season they knocked us out. And in 2012/13.

Basically, Arsenal are never allowed to not play Bayern.

The first leg won’t take place until February, so we have plenty of time to… prepare to potentially be humiliated?

Joking aside, I do feel like Arsenal are in a stronger position this season than we have been but that doesn’t mean to say I wanted to draw a team that’s gotten pretty good at beating us on their turf.

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