If you’re like me, then you probably assume that OUR Arsenal is the only Arsenal that exists right? Wrong.

In fact, did you know that there at 17 – yes, SEVENTEEN – Arsenal’s worldwide including our own?

  1. ASV-Arsenal (Holland)
  2. Arsenal ADSC (Brazil)
  3. Arsenal Bila Tserkva (Ukraine)
  4. Arsenal Devesa (Portugal)
  5. Arsenal Helsinki (Finland)
  6. Arsenal Kyiv (Ukraine)
  7. Arsenal Tivat (Montenegro)
  8. Arsenal Tula (Russia)
  9. Arsenal de Caridade (Brazil)
  10. Arsenal de Roatán (Roatan)
  11. Arsenal de Sarandí (Argentina)
  12. Arsenal de Viale (Argentina)
  13. Atlético Arsenal
  14. Berekum Arsenal (Ghana)
  15. FK Arsenal Česká Lípa (Czech)
  16. SV Arsenal

It seems ‘Arsenal’ is quite a popular team name and most of the time this is no accident.

For example, Arsenal Bila Tserkva play in red and white as do Arsenal de Roatán. Arsenal de Caridade play in red, white, yellow and blue while Berekum Arsenal openly admit their name and kit is based of Arsenal F.C.’s.

It’s interesting to know that our club has inspired so many others.