Even though he’s only made six Premier League appearances for Arsenal so far, Granit Xhaka is already adamant that English football is physically harder than the Bundesliga.

The midfielder was probably already told about how intense the League is, not just in terms of physicality and playing style but the amount of fixtures and tournaments. Despite this, the 24-year-old maintains that tactically, the German League and Premiership are the same, which makes sense considering the amount of talented players and managers over there.

“Physically the English league is much harder then the Bundesliga,” the Switzerland international said to Arsenal Player.

“The tempo is higher and there’s lots of pressure, especially here at Arsenal, where there’s a lot more expectation than at Monchengladbach.

“But technically and tactically, I think the Bundesliga is on the same level as the Premier League.”

Xhaka went on to talk about how much England as a whole loves football, describing himself as a football freak.

So far, as I previously mentioned, Xhaka has only made six appearances for the Gunners and although he does admit it’s physically more intense, everything’s about the get kicked up a notch as we enter the winter period. The Bundesliga gets a winter break; there’s no such luxury in the Premier League.