Laurent Koscielny appears to sympathise with his compatriot, Olivier Giroud, as Alexis Sanchez is currently ‘walking on water’.

I mean, I know we all thought the Chilean was basically Jesus but this is a bit extreme…

Even though he’s currently out with a toe injury he picked up against PSG in the Champions League, before this happened, Giroud was finding it difficult to get game time for Arsenal. Alexis was being chosen over him and while it didn’t appear to be working well at first, everything’s finally started to click into place since the Frenchman has been sidelined.

While away on France duty, Koscielny has admitted that this makes things rather difficult for Giroud.

“It’s difficult for Olivier Giroud at the moment, because Alexis Sanchez is currently ‘walking on water’ at Arsenal,” the centreback said to InfoSport.

Although the current Arsenal starting XI does appear to be gelling well on the pitch, that doesn’t mean to say we have no use for Giroud. Rotating and switching things up, I imagine, is a good way of tackling other teams’ tactics, especially when they suspect they know how to beat us.

If I was Giroud, I wouldn’t panic.