According to RMC, Arsenal’s medical staff are concerned about Francis Coquelin’s injury and fear that he could have damaged his internal knee ligament.

Coquelin has improved hugely over the past couple of games and he looked set to enjoy another brilliant performance during Arsenal’s 3-0 win over Chelsea. However, a poor tackle from former Gunner Cesc Fabregas around the 30-minute mark left him limping and he was eventually subbed off for Granit Xhaka not long after.

Although we’ve had no official word just yet, RMC are claiming that we’re worried and that the knee injury could be really serious.

If it is his knee ligament, this could have him sidelined for the best part of the rest of the season, which would be terrible. Although we do have the backup now, no one wants any of our players to be out of action.

Hopefully, the reports aren’t true and Coquelin will be fine, or at least not too badly injured. All we can do is wait and see.