At this point you have to feel a little sorry for Granit Xhaka, as every time he opens his mouth about his international situation, he seems to annoy someone else.

A Swiss player who has previously said he wished he’d opted to play for Albania, he’s now upset the Swiss further after his recent comments which were designed to stop Kosovo people being angry at him.

Issuing an open letter to the people of Kosovo to try and explain why he can’t represent them at international level (something he wants to do), the reaction from the Swiss has required another statement. Or, an interview at least.

“I wanted to explain only to the Albanian people in Kosovo and around the world, why I continue to play for the Swiss national team,” before adding that he felt 90% of the letter was positive about Switzerland and he didn’t understand what the problem was.

Now, he believes, the only recourse he has towards those who have attacked him is to show on the pitch what he is capable of.

“The issue is done for me,“ he added, “and no longer important.”

I wouldn’t be so sure. Granit’s trying to please two nations with an eye on a third. That can never end well.