Roma are reportedly ready to sign Jack Wilshere on a two-year loan deal.

The only stumbling block, according to TeleRadioStereo, is his wages, which supposedly come to around €5.5m a year, but Arsenal are reportedly willing to pay a large chunk of them.

A two-year loan deal does make sense. By now, I think we’re all pretty much on the same page; it does look like the 24-year-old is going out on loan. Two years is more stable, if he does have to move his family, and gives him more time to bed in.

Plus, if he spends two seasons preparing, it appears as if he’s more of a replacement for when Santi Cazorla leaves.

On the flip side, I can’t see Jack wanting to leave England. Although two years abroad would be more stable than just one, I imagine him not wanting to uproot his kids fullstop. Saying this, I obviously have no idea of his family situation so I wouldn’t like to make any assumptions.

We’ll just have to play his one by ear.