David Seaman has urged Arsene Wenger to spend, insisting that we need a striker, centre-back and midfielder.

In a recent interview with talkSPORT, the former goalkeeper didn’t appear to be convinced about new signing, Granit Xhaka, and insisted that he still believes we need a midfielder ‘like Patrick Vieira’. Although he did also point out that we’re yet to see what the Switzerland international is like, the Euros gave us a pretty good idea and most Gooners are excited.

Seaman did, however, point out, just like every other personal involved – or not – with the club, that we need a striker and centre-back, given that we only have three in the senior squad.

“We still need a dominant centre-half,” he said.

“We’ll see what Granit [Xhaka]’s like in midfield, but ideally we need someone like Patrick Vieira. And a striker as well.

 “He needs to buy someone to give the club a lift and give the fans a lift.

“Ideally a striker would be great, but either a centre-half or midfielder would do for me.”

Former English international goalkeeper David Seaman warms up before the Soccer Aid celebrity football match between England and the Rest of the World at Old Trafford stadium in Manchester on June 5, 2016. (OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

What Seaman is saying isn’t anything new. In fact, we can all see it and I just hope that Wenger has something in the works. Not because he should listen to everyone else but because if it’s so simple for us to all see, why doesn’t he do something?

I understand, it’s not as easy as just spending close to £100m on a brand new, world-class striker. However, after the flop that was our quest for Jamie Vardy, you’d think we have some sort of statement to make…right?