Thierry Henry reckons that Olivier Giroud doesn’t have to be dropped to the bench but Arsenal need another striker to play alongside him.

The Arsenal legend, who is currently a pundit for the Euros, used the striker’s form for France as an example and explained that although he’s fantastic with his back to goal, he needs someone to feed the ball to.

“I’ve said it many times – Giroud is very good at what he does,” Henry said.

“He’s a very good player but he needs to play with someone.

“Giroud, with his back to goal, is very good; you saw the goal against Ireland when Giroud flicked on and [Antoine] Griezmann scored. He can’t turn and outpace anyone, Giroud, but in Griezmann he has a guy he can feed. It’s a great partnership. They share the workload of scoring goals.

“I never doubted what he can do but I think he’s better with someone alongside him.

“Everyone has always said that Arsenal need another striker but that doesn’t mean Giroud has to drop to the bench. He should play with someone because he has all the attributes. I’ve said before, I would have loved to have played with him.”


I think most Arsenal fans would agree that it’d be interesting to see a bit of a tactical formation shift. For a long time, Oli’s been our lone striker, which means when he’s not at the races, so to speak, we find it hard to score at all. With someone of a similar quality – if not better – alongside him, it could be a good move.

Although it’s very unlikely that Arsenal will somehow sign Antoine Griezmann this summer since he only signed a new deal with Atletico Madrid recently, signing another striker would be brilliant.