After England’s embarrassing 2-1 defeat and elimination from the Euros at the hands of little ol’ Iceland (and Roy Hodgson’s resulting resignation) talk turned to who will take over; Ian Wright wasn’t impressed with one particular name thrown into the hat.

Arsene Wenger is at 28/1 to become the next England manager. It won’t happen, and Wrighty probably knows this but, as diplomatically as he could, he explained that this wouldn’t help anyone.

“We’ve done the foreign manager and as good as they’ve been in the previous jobs they’ve done they haven’t done anything for us,” he said to ITV after the match.

“And as much as Arsene Wenger’s been unbelievable for Arsenal I’d rather it be someone like Gareth Southgate.

“He’s done his bit with the Under-21s and he’s done it pretty well.”

From a selfish perspective, I wouldn’t want Arsene becoming England manager because I don’t think the fans would appreciate him.

Although the boss and the fans have had our differences at Arsenal, he’s still our manager. It’s like when someone criticises a member of your family who you’ve always criticised for the same reason – it’s fine when you do it but when someone else does, there will be hell to pay.

Watch Wrighty’s comments below.