On Thursday, laughter filled the air of Arsenal households everywhere as they read reports that Jose Mourinho wants to spend £50m and bring Aaron Ramsey to Manchester United.

ramsey mourinho

Ramsey, famously, had the chance to join Manchester United when he was on the move from Cardiff, but the personal touch of Arsene Wenger, compared to United sending Gary Neville to show him around Old Trafford, swung it for the player and his parents.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The sum of £50m is a nice figure, but it wouldn’t buy United Ramsey’s left foot. Or his right one for that matter. I don’t say that to claim that Ramsey is worth so much more. As much as I rate him (and I do, very highly), even I know he’s not in that price bracket at this point.

No, I say it because he’s not at sale at any price.

The only way Ramsey would end up at United is if he was to push for a move there himself.

I’m not under any illusion that Ramsey will see out his career at Arsenal. If Barcelona or Real Madrid come knocking, he would no doubt be off having already expressed his desire to play in Spain.

But United? Under Mourinho? And for Arsenal to agree?

Don’t make me laugh.