Hector Bellerin apparently likes the stripe down the centre of our new Arsenal home kit, which is a bit awkward because most people are a little confused by it.

As far as kits go, the new 2016/17 Arsenal kit that the club released on Monday morning isn’t too outrageous. It’s red, for starters, and not too different from last season’s. It looks typically snug, which I’m sure the players are thrilled about but other than that, nothing to really complain about.

Except perhaps the random vertical line down the centre. This seems to be a general theme throughout the new kit and although no one appears to hate it, there has been some confusion over what it is and why it’s there.

Bellerin, however, has been quick to jump to the line’s defence, insisting that it’s something a bit different, innit?


“I like the design with the line in the centre, it’s different. I’ve seen the players modelling it.”

As far as Arsenal issues go, having a line down the middle of our new kit is hardly a pressing matter but hey, it’s good to see our boys like it.