There are reports that a poor result against Hull City on Tuesday night could see Arsène Wenger lose his job as Arsenal manager.

To be more precise, the Express are claiming an ‘exclusive’ that the boss has 90 minutes to ‘save his job’.

Playing at Hull City on Tuesday night, Arsenal will hope to head into the FA Cup quarter-final as they continue to defend the trophy for a third consecutive season. However, if the result isn’t a positive one Express say the Arsenal manager of 19 years will be politely be asked to step down.

What a load of nonsense.

As a club we preach stability, so pushing the manager out of the door before the end of the season is simply not going to happen. There’s no plan in place for replacing him as far as we can tell, and Arsenal would still be the same number of points behind Leicester City in the Premier League title race no matter what the FA Cup 5th round replay result is.

Furthermore, the board have more or less insisted that the Frenchman’s fate lies in his own hands; if Arsène Wenger wishes to stay as the manager of Arsenal and feels he’s still up for the job, he almost certainly will stay.

On a number of occasions in the past the boss has insisted he will never break a contract, and his current deal ends in just over a year. The end of the season will go some way to deciding whether or not he extends his stay (though he could wait another year to make a choice either way), not the result in an FA Cup 5th round replay.

Win, lose, or draw on Tuesday, Arsène Wenger will be Arsenal manager next weekend.