Following our signing of Mohamed Elneny, Olivier Giroud has spoken about the midfielder and admitted that he thinks the former Basel man won’t have any issues fitting into the Premier League.

The Egyptian player was bought to cover Coquelin, who’s out with a knee injury, and therefore, may be called into action sooner rather than later. With this in mind, adapting to the Premier League quickly is a must.

Fortunately, Giroud, who’s already trained with the new signing, doesn’t believe this will be a problem for Elneny.

“It always takes time to adapt to English football because there is a lot of intensity, it is very physical and even tactically [you must get used to it] – but I think Premier League football will suit him well,” the striker said.

Getting the backing of his team-mates so soon into joining the club will be another crucial part of Elneny’s development and introduction to our intense league. The ‘family feel’ at Arsenal is what allows new players to slot in, gain confidence and essentially learn to love our club, which should translate into performances on the pitch.

Saying this, rushing the midfielder into action too quickly could be disastrous. I’m sure Wenger knows how to strike the right balance.