Emmanuel Adebayor has ended his self-imposed sabbatical by signing for Alan Pardew’s Crystal Palace.

Pardew is claiming that he will be able to handle the Togolese forward, who has caused disruption wherever he has rocked up with the Eagles’ boss saying of the signing last week before it was finalised “For me, whenever Adebayor’s played against my teams, he’s been totally committed and he’s been dangerous,” 

“I have had difficulty with players before, none more than Hatem Ben Arfa at Newcastle.

“If I can deal with him, I can deal with Adebayor, sure.”

But the Arsenal fans are over there  AFP PHOTO / GLYN KIRK
But the Arsenal fans are over there AFP PHOTO / GLYN KIRK

Adebayor had been a free agent after being released by Tottenham but was stopped from moving to a new club until the transfer window opened due to FIFA’s regulations.

Arsene Wenger plucked Adebayor out of Monaco in 2006 when he was just 22 for a fee of only £3m. He would then turn that into £25m when he shipped Adebayor off to Manchester City, who were flush with their lotto win and blowing money on everything and anything.

Arsenal face Palace on 16th April, so expect Adebayor to summon the spirit of Didier Drogba for half an hour before getting himself so worked up he ends up getting sent off, especially if we are still in the title hunt.