We all remember that match against Chelsea where Kieran Gibbs was sent off instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for a hand ball, right?

I’m sure we all do.

The Ox took our shoddy defending into his own hands, literally, and pushed a shot from Eden Hazard wide. Referee that day, Andre Marriner, proceeded to send off the wrong man completely – left-back Gibbs.

The FA argue that these things happen due to the “speed of the modern game”. Hmm.

The red card was switched back after the match after we lodged a claim of mistaken identity, although the Ox had it rescinded, we then won the appeal, arguing that it wasn’t a clear goal scoring opportunity.

You’d think the process of simply having the red card switched over would be straight forward considering how obvious it was to us on the day. However, as this video directly from the FA shows, it’s anything but.