by Lewis Ambrose

Olivier Giroud lined up for France on Sunday against a Belgian side full of Premier League players, and they seemed to mock him behind his back.

Giroud’s French side found themselves 2-0 down heading out for the second half at Stade de France, and the Arsenal striker looked a little aggrieved as he spoke to Chelsea star and Belgian captain for the day Eden Hazard.

Walking back on to the pitch Giroud is seen saying something to Hazard, which doesn’t get much of a response.

Not from the Chelsea player, at least.


In the background, as Giroud walks off, a whole host of Premier League players can be seen making a joke at the expense of the Arsenal striker.

Hazard’s Chelsea teammate Thibaut Courtois joins in with Christian Benteke, Marouane Fellaini and Jan Vertonghen of Aston Villa, Manchester United and Spurs respectively, as the players all have a bit of a gossip and a giggle.

Whatever Giroud was complaining about it probably wasn’t serious – maybe someone tampered with his hairspray.

No matter what it was it is actually pretty funny to see a group of millionaire footballers gather together like a group of teenagers.

One more international game to go before Olivier can go on his summer holidays – maybe he just needs some time off to relax.