Jack Wilshere has been talking about the strange things players do while playing football.

The midfielder has been known to stick his tongue out while playing – something that has become something of a joke among the team. In this soundbite, Wilshere talks about not being aware of the issue and mentioned that even his son, Archie, does the same thing already. (Daily Cannon Fact Fairy says ‘there is research showing that, due to the effort the brain requires to control the tongue, holding it in the manner Wilshere does allows for greater concentration.’)

The 23-year-old also spoke about the weird face Danny Welbeck makes and the strange things Calum Chambers does with his hands while running – two things I can’t say I’ve personally noticed or paid much attention to.

Wilshere has recently returned to the team after sustaining ankle ligament damage in the first North London Derby of the season. Although the midfielder is finding it hard to break into the first team and rumours of a move to Manchester City have began to circulate, it seems he’s in good enough spirits and happy within the team.