Although Aaron Ramsey seems to have been excelling playing on the right this season, the Welshman has revealed that it’s not where he’s most comfortable.

In an interview with James Olley from the Evening Standard, the 24-year-old admitted that his preferred position is actually a lot more central.

“[Playing on the right] is not my preferred position. I am a central midfielder and that’s where I like to be. I like to be involved a lot more in the game. When you are out wide you don’t touch the ball for three or four minutes and I like to be at the heart of everything, trying to drive the team forward.”

Later in the interview he added, “I prefer to get in the little pockets of space, get involved and play the combinations but it is important to do a job for the team.”

Obviously Arsene Wenger has a lot more faith in Ramsey playing out wide than the midfielder himself does, as he continued, “But the manager’s asked me to do a job out there, and I do have the licence to drift in and get involved. When we are defending, I have to stay in position but when we get the ball I can drift. I am not a winger, I can’t knock the ball beyond my man like Theo [Walcott] does.”

The manager wouldn’t play Ramsey there is he wasn’t effective. Ultimately, he’s one of the most versatile players in our entire squad and there’s a reason why he’s entrusted with this role. Whether it’s permanent or whether he’ll get the chance to play centrally sometime soon, who knows, but it’s crucial that he recognises the job at hand and respects the manager’s decision to play him there.

Reflecting on his season so far, which has been far from sub-par, Ramsey revealed he felt he’d been a bit inconsistent.

“The season has been a bit stop-start for me and that’s been frustrating. It takes you a few games to get into a routine each time you come back. But other than that I’ve been quite happy. I’ve got into double figures again for goals this season and added a few assists, too. We’ve still got some games to go so I want to score a few more yet,” he said.

Indeed, Ramsey has had a successful season since he came back from injury, scoring 10 goals and assisted eight in all competitions. The latter of which, Rambo feels is a hugely important part of his game.

“Maybe because of last season people are looking more at things like goals and assists and comparing it to last year but it is important to me as a midfielder to score and create goals,” he explained. “It is an important part of the way I want to play so I’m definitely happier when I’m achieving those goals. I’ve been happy with my form and I want it to continue.”

Finally, the midfielder touched on Arsenal’s success over the course of the season and how they mean to go on.

“We still want to finish the season strongly, get second place and go into the final in good form. We won’t take our foot off the gas because we have reached the top four. We’ve seen what Villa have been doing lately, they are on a good run so we will have to be ready for them in the final.”

Last season, Aaron Ramsey scored the winner against Hull City during extra time in the FA Cup final, meaning we won our first trophy since 2005. Hopefully, he goes on to have a repeat performance.