Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has praised the unwavering support the fans have shown over the course of this season.

Speaking before our FA Cup final this Saturday, the Frenchman revealed why he plays football and what his long, and short term goals are while at Arsenal. He also described the importance of the fan’s support, especially during the tougher times.

The striker is incredibly proud of his footballing career. He even cites this as a huge source of pride for his friends and family, saying, “I play football to make history, to make my family and friends proud. In several years, when my career is over, I would like to leave one or two good memories of my time here with Arsenal.

“I would like to win every trophy that I can so one more would be nice, and even more to become the only team with 12 wins. It’s the big trophy after the Premier League.”

Yes, Olivier. One more would be nice…

As aspect of the FA Cup that the players and manager have picked up on his how much it means to the fans. It’s not just a cup competition, it’s silverware and, on the most basic level, a nice day out for the people who have turned up to watch the team play this season – even when we looked as if we’d never seen a football before.

Giroud mentions this, saying, “I know it’s massive for the fans and for us, so I will want to win it again. They are the 12th man and they really support us. They are fantastic and you can feel their support every minute, especially when you come back like last year. They were really pushing us to give our best. We have done it together.”

In the final last season, Arsenal were 2-0 to Hull City within 10 minutes and all of us had our heads in our hands. We couldn’t mess this up – not now. Obviously we fought back to win the match but Giroud assures us that there’ll be no need for a come back this time round.

“Hopefully we’re not going to make the same mistake as last year,” he said. “Hopefully we will start the game strong. It’s one of our strengths this year – we are starting games well and we need to not let them take confidence. We need to play our game from the beginning of the game.”

Yes… Hopefully.