It had us laughing, the second Sun story to do that in the same number of days.

Reporting on Friday that Barcelona were set to bid £50m for Aaron Ramsey was almost as ridiculous as the story they carried claiming that Chelsea wanted Theo Walcott or Alex Oxalde-Chamberlain in return for Petr Cech.

Of course, it’s not ridiculous to think that the Catalan side would be interested in Ramsey – he’s a world class midfielder and any club would love to have him – but the way it was reported gave no mention of the likelihood of Arsenal being swayed by such an offer.

For the record, that stands at 0%.

Asked about it at his pre-West Brom press conference, the boss gave the question short shrift when he simply replied “That’s not a serious story.”

Speaking later in the presser about players leaving, namely Tomas Rosicky (yay! new deal), Wenger added that it was important to keep the squad together – and Ramsey is one very, very, very important member of that squad.

Over the years, it’s no secret that Arsenal have shipped a load of players to Barcelona but they have absolutely no need to do that any more with the Emirates debt paid down (thanks Barca) and the club looking to move up a level.

Add to that the fact that Aaron Ramsey is one of the most level-headed people you are ever likely to meet and knows only too well how the club have stood by him since he snubbed Manchester United for the Emirates in 2008 and you get a quite different picture to the one that surrounded the likes of Cesc Fabregas.

Papers know that linking an Arsenal player to Barcelona gets clicks and we did enjoy a relatively quiet summer on that front last year.

Making up for lost time with this nonsense, I guess.