What an FA Cup match that was.

We were happy to absorb pressure from the beginning and allow Manchester United to pass the ball around the back as much as they wanted.

Our passing was a little sloppy and our defence shaky at first but we soon found our rhythm and looked structured.

In the second half, it became clear that we were quite happy to sit back and let them have plenty of the ball, hitting them on the counter and looking slick going forward.

We looked like a well-oiled machine and our tactic of not going all out from the get-go seems to be paying off. We’re not making too many mistakes and seem reasonably confident in possession.

On to the next round.

Wojciech Szczesny 7

There were a couple of instances where he made me a bit nervous. For example, when he missed the ball completely or didn’t even jump for shots. As far as I can remember, he didn’t have any outstanding saves to make but we let less goals in than they did so…

Hector Bellerin 8

He gave away an earlier free kick but seemed to recover well. His forward play was positive.

Per Mertesacker 8

He seemed so nervous and you could really tell he was suffering from being dropped. However, he made some vital interceptions and warmed into the game well.

Laurent Koscielny 7

He made a couple of crucial clearances but could’ve probably done better for Wayne Rooney’s goal.

Nacho Monreal 9

A couple of his first touches were a bit dodgy early on but after that he was fantastic. A superb goal and positive play; he was a vital player today.

Francis Coquelin 8

He was bossing it in midfield; dispossessing strongly and fairly. Especially considering he has his nose bust open again in the first five minutes by that delightful fellow, Marouane Fellaini.

Santi Cazorla 8.5

Not just amazing going forward but putting in some great tackles and defensive work.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 8

He was having a great game until he got injured. His speed and strength allowed him to skip past the United defence in vital areas, which eventually led to him assisting Monreal’s goal. Hopefully the hamstring injury isn’t too bad.

Mesut Ozil 8

Always working hard and getting into the right areas.

Alexis Sanchez 7.5

Really gave Valencia a hard time in the first half. My only wish is that he would pass more.

Danny Welbeck 10

Okay, his first touch isn’t perfect and his ball control needs work but he scored the winning goal and celebrated against the team that didn’t want him anymore.

He put us through to Wembley.

I feel it’s only right I give him a (tongue-in-cheek) 10/10.


Aaron Ramsey 7

Keen to get forward and, as I always say, constantly getting involved.

Calum Chambers 6

He needs to relax a bit.  At the moment, he’s a bit too eager to get forward, which can obviously leave us weaker at the back. Not bad though.

Olivier Giroud 7

Dominant physically and looking as if he wanted to prove a point. I like it when players react to being dropped by playing their socks off at the first given opportunity. Great player.