Swansea City have secured promising talent, Teo Minchev, after he was released by Arsenal academy, marking an exciting chapter for the young footballer.

Swansea City's new intake of youngsters
Swansea City’s new intake of youngsters

Minchev’s journey in the world of football started at Protec, an FA accredited football academy. His commitment and hard work during his time as an U12 player led him to secure a two-year contract with Arsenal in 2021 aged 14.

His talent caught the eye of scouts, and he was quickly promoted to the Gunners’ U15 squad after a successful trial.

However, the Bulgarian’s connection with top-tier football clubs predates his Arsenal journey.

At the age of 12, he signed for Chelsea, and within two years, the centreback was captaining their side. His significant development under the guidance of their assistant head coach Dan Edwards was instrumental in this achievement.

Moving on from the Gunners, Minchev has now joined the ranks of Swansea City as a scholar alongside other promising young talents. He will be stepping up full time to the under-18s’ squad from the under-16 ranks, a testament to his skill and potential.

Swansea’s acquisition of Minchev aligns with their approach of nurturing young talents, offering them the platform to grow and shine.

Given Minchev’s previous track record at Arsenal and Chelsea, it will be fascinating to see how he utilises this new opportunity to further his career.