Gabriel Jesus recently suffered a knee injury at the FIFA 2022 World Cup, and he could be out for a while. Are Arsenal weaker without Jesus? Read on.

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While playing for Brazil at the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar against Cameroon in their final group stage match, Gabriel Jesus suffered a knee injury, ending his world cup dream and seeing him hobble off the pitch.

On January 15th, 2023, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta gave an update about the forward’s injury, saying that it’s worse than first expected and that Jesus is likely to be out much longer. He had successful surgery on his right knee and still needs to wear a knee brace. The question being asked here is, are Arsenal weaker without Jesus?

When will Gabriel Jesus play for Arsenal again?

It’s unclear when Jesus will be back playing in the starting 11 for Arsenal. He will likely be out for months, but some suggest he could make it back for the final games just before the season ends. During this time, Arsenal will certainly miss him. However, they are still top of the Premier League with 20 games left to play.

Can Arsenal win the Premier League or Europa League?

When scoping football betting odds, it’s still clear that Arsenal do have a slight edge over Manchester City for the title. The thing about Manchester City, though, is that they are Manchester City. A lot has to be wrong with them to not win the league, and a lot has to go right with a title challenger too. Arsenal’s current form and performances are outstanding. The loss of Jesus is a blow. However, Manchester City, despite Haaland’s continued excellence, do look out of sorts. They are lacking in key areas and look weak at the back. Arsenal may well clinch this title.

As for the Europa League, they will be, of course, one of the strongest teams left in the competition when the Round of 16 draw is made. They will have notable threats in the form of Juvetus, Ajaz, and whoever survives the Barcelona-Manchester United tie. This competition may rely on a little more variance to win.

A closer look at the odds

If you were to put your money on Arsenal winning the Europa League or Premier League right now, you would be looking at the following odds:

  • Europa League – Arsenal are currently priced at 4/1 in UK fractional odds, which gives them a 20% implied probability rate of winning. In American/money line odds, 4/1 is equal to 400, and in European decimal odds, it’s equal to 5.00
  • Premier League – Arsenal have even better odds of winning the top flight of men’s professional football in England. They are currently priced at 41/50 in UK fractional odds to win the EPL, which gives them an incredible 54.90% chance of winning. In American/money line odds, 41/50 is equal to -122, and in European decimal odds, it’s equal to 1.82

Recent results, upcoming fixtures, and current standing in the Premier League

Arsenal travelled away to Spurs on January 15th and beat them 2-0 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in a fiery contest. The result put the Gunners 8 points clear at the top of the Premier League.

They are currently above second-place Manchester City with 39 points, third-place Newcastle United with 38 points, and fourth-place Manchester United, who also have 38 points. Their next Premier League match is a home game at the Emirates Stadium on January 22nd against Manchester United.