The last decade has been full of unexpected turns and thrilling matches. Football is a great source of breathtaking moments. This is one thing that makes it so fun – there is a lot of unpredictability even if you think you know the chances.

It is good to look back on some of those amazing moments and relive them once more. Surely, some might say that they do not have time for that, especially if you are studying in college. Students do not get to have much freedom as they deal with deadlines, classes, and assignments. But it is important to rest, too. Otherwise, you might end up with academic burnout.

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Here are some of the best moments to relive in such a case.

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Greatest Football Moments of the Previous Decade

Germany vs. Brazil in the 2014 World Cup

This memory will not be fun for Brazil, but others can appreciate the historic moment. Back in 2014, Germany humiliated Brazil in its own homeland. Only after 11 minutes of the match Brazil’s national team was losing 0:1. By half of the match, the score went to 0:5, which is not something you see in football on a daily basis. The result is even worse for Brazil, which lost 1 to 7 goals.

That’s something one can call a really bad day. So if you are into watching some of the most dramatic matches of the last decade, choose this one. And if you feel bad about your day, remember that at least you are not losing 7 goals to 1.

Germany won the World Cup that year, beating Argentina in the final. It was an amazing year for its national team.

Leicester City Championship, 2016

Whether you are an avid Premier League watcher, eSports enthusiast, or just want to be inspired by a good story – this one will do the job. It feels like a fairytale with the underdog coming to victory against all odds.

For a decade, the Foxes were exiled from the Premier League. In their first year back, the team was in the bottom three positions and struggled to keep a place in the championship at all. No one would count on them winning the next year. Such things just do not happen. Until they do.

The next year, the Foxes started incredibly strong. Jamie Vardy alone scored 13 goals in 11 consecutive matches. This is a record-breaking achievement. And by Christmas, Leicester City was among the top teams in the Premier League.

And they won the title, although the bookmakers put 5,000 to 1 odds. Nevertheless, it is an incredibly inspiring story that might motivate you to do more sports or strive for higher goals even if they seem unachievable.

Lionel Messi’s Golden Boot, 2021

One of the things that stood out between Messi and the GOAT status was the lack of major trophies with Argentina. There were several moments when he came close to it but experienced a defeat. Lionel Messi lost the Copa finals twice with Argentina’s national team and World Cup as well.

But, Copa America 2021 has finally changed that. This season was great for Argentina and Messi’s performance. In the final game, the team beat Brazil. No wonder Messi won the Golden Boot the same year. So all his critics had to finally eat their words.

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Ronaldo’s Goal of the Decade, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a multitude of goals during his career. He is one of the best athletes of his generation, after all. But when it comes to sheer iconography, his overhead kick in the 2018 Champions League is one of a kind.

During the quarter-finals, Ronaldo gained a point for his team with an astonishing bicycle kick. It is impossible to describe; one should see it for themselves. It was so incredible that the whole stadium went to a standing ovation. Ronaldo said that it was a unique experience for him, mainly because Juventus fans followed along.

Such mastery is not something one can achieve easily – it comes with experience and lots of practice. And it is always amazing to witness something like it.

Liverpool’s Victory Over Barcelona, 2019

This game is another great example of not giving up even in the direst circumstances. Champions League 2019 gave Liverpool a chance to prove its strength, and the team delivered.

In the semi-finals, Liverpool played against Barcelona and lost 0:3. So the team’s chances of winning the second game were slim. To add more trouble, Mohamed Salah was going to miss the game because of an injury.

It all pointed to Barcelona’s victory, but the Reds didn’t give up. They went on the field and showed all they’ve got. This game is a perfect example of a comeback story. The team scored two goals in 122 seconds in the second part of the game. This was incredible! If you are looking for some inspiration, Liverpool delivered it this season.

Goodbye to Sir Alex Ferguson, 2013

Although it is a rather bittersweet moment, it is worth reliving. Sir Alex Ferguson had an astonishing career and retired only after 27 years working with Manchester United. During this time, he won 38 trophies with his team, which is an absolute record among all football managers ever.

In 2013, Manchester United won the Premier League and gave Sir Alex his 13th title. After that, he announced his retirement being 71 years old at the time. Although this was a sad moment for the team and community, such a career needs to be celebrated.

It is hard to underestimate the influence of Ferguson on the football scene as a whole. He is truly one of the most talented and knowledgeable managers to ever work in football.

Other Amazing Moments We Couldn’t Miss

Here are some other top-notch moments from the last decade to re-visit:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2016 performance in Euro 2016 with three goals and three assists;
  • France won the World Cup in 2018. The national team delivered a stunning performance and dominated the tournament from day one. It was also a big deal as France won last time in 1998;
  • Spain’s victory at the 2010 World Cup with a fascinating goal from Andres Iniesta;
  • Manchester City’s victory in the Premier League in 2012 with Sergio Agüero’s goal was described as “you’ll never see anything like this.”

In Summary

Football is a great source of enjoyment and excitement. No matter what the odds are, a surprising turn can always happen. The victory depends not only on skills but also on teamwork, dedication, motivation, and resilience. Underdogs can become champions, and powerful teams can experience detrimental defeats.

This is why people love it so much. You never know what is going to happen next.