In recent years, gambling has become a very popular thing around the world and many people spend many hours of their time playing there every day.

Considering how much money can be stored with the largest and most popular platforms that provide online casino services, all players think about the safety of their funds and how to protect them. How can you play your favorite games of chance and feel safe?

Due to the great popularity, various resources appear. who try to deceive the user and get his funds in an illegal way. Everyone knows that there are such cases and it is better to protect yourself from them, and not try to hope for luck. We will tell you how casinos protect your money and why you should trust modern security techniques like at best online casino.

How can online casinos cheat?

Of course, the most important part of your “Protection” is preparation, because in it you will be able to consider all the details of the casino and their services. Using logic and applying the well-known rules of self-defense, you can save both your money and nerves, because there are quite a few ways to understand whether a casino is a scammer. There are basic things that you can understand that everything is not clean on the site and you should follow them. Here are the main ones:

  • No license.
  • Script Slots
  • Inconvenient navigation, problems with the interface.
  • Excessive number of ads, pop-ups.
  • Too slow loading intermittently.

Very often, such platforms try to pass off their site as something cool and protected from all sides with big bonuses. But in fact, this turns out to be just the cover of a book in which a bunch of innuendo and deceit is hidden. Such people are trying to mislead you using beautiful pictures and design solutions.

This is called scamming – theft, fake brands of popular resources.

They can also use the names of popular brands and use their platforms as an example to impersonate them and deceive the user even more easily.

If you have even the smallest suspicion, you should not register or make any deposits, but rather investigate all of the details and contact the original casino’s proprietors. There are numerous approaches to determine whether or not new and unfamiliar resources may be trusted. A mandated inspection of the license, software, and terms and conditions under which the casino interacts with the user are among them.

Permits for internet casinos are issued in a number of jurisdictions. If the resource provides paperwork proving the license, that’s great, but you should double-check their legitimacy. In most circumstances, this is straightforward to accomplish with the aid of dedicated websites that list all licenses and provide support to players in disputed situations. The Gambling Commission, for example, makes it simple to check a UK license. This is a regulator that consistently defends the client’s rights. If you have a problem with one of the licensed casinos, you may file a complaint right there on the website. Here’s a comprehensive list of jurisdictions you may check online:

  • Great Britain.
  • Isle Of Man.
  • Gibraltar.
  • Malta.
  • Alderney
  • Kahnawake

When it comes to minimal licenses, reviewing papers from Costa Rica and Curacao might be difficult because there is no official site where you can receive a response immediately. You might write to the jurisdiction’s representatives and ask for confirmation. Many con artists take advantage of this situation, however it does not indicate that all Curacao and Costa Rica licensees are dishonest. It’s just worth being cautious if the site has other evident authorization issues. For instance, games have a shady past.

Certified software

An honest online casino should not only have a valid license to operate, but also a selection of high-quality certified games from well-known providers. They work on the basis of a random number generator – a program that guarantees the randomness of symbols on the reels. The 128-bit MD5 algorithm is used to check the reliability and integrity of information. The use of a random number generator is mandatory for licensed games.

It is the providers in most cases who are responsible for paying out winnings in slots with progressive jackpots, so the software from them guarantees the safety of money and the receipt of prizes. Our partners from BestAuCasinosOnline check a lot of software versions and they can tell you which are good for sure. For example, they checked Woo casino for players from Australia.

Such devices are distinguished by high-quality graphics and stability. To become an official software provider, you need to go through many checks and obtain permissions in the relevant jurisdictions.

Usually, the resource turns to the provider and hosts its software, while the provider receives a small percentage of the bets for using their game. The casino itself cannot change anything in the settings: neither the RTP of the slot, nor its gameplay. A scripted or fake machine is configured by the resource itself: the percentage of issuance of such slots can be easily changed even to zero at any time. This means that the user cannot win in principle and simply loses money.

How to check the authenticity of the game

Distinguishing scripted automata from the original is quite simple. Each provider has its own servers with a specific address, it is on them that all calculations related to the game are carried out. For example, in a licensed machine from NetEnt, a part of the server name must be present. Other providers will have a different name – it is easy to find it on the site of a particular developer.

To check the slot machine online, you need to open it in a browser, right-click on the screen and select View element code or View code from the drop-down menu. In a new tab or window, you need to find the line where the servers of the game itself are indicated. If these are the addresses of the casino or its mirrors, and not the official servers of the provider, then you have a script machine. Playing it in the hope of winning is not only useless, but also dangerous.

pokerHow to determine the reliability of a casino

One of the basic indicators of online casino reliability is a certificate from eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). It is an independent evaluating and controlling body of the international level. It was created in order to form and implement high standards in the online casino market, as well as protect the rights of players around the world. eCOGRA has a very high status and impeccable reputation, the organization issues quality certificates both to the casino itself and to the game providers.

In addition to checking all the documentation and its authenticity, the user needs to pay attention to the conditions of the game on each specific resource. You can protect yourself from fraud related to the payment of winnings or withdrawal of funds if you carefully read the user agreement and the rules. It is great that in the Canadian version of BestAuCasinosOnline you can see everything very clearly and you can understand how your money is protected. As well as in other versions of this site. In honest establishments, all amounts and methods are spelled out directly and specifically.

This rule also applies to software systems and their reliability, the quality of technical support and whether it is available at any time of the day. It will not be superfluous to check the rating of the casino according to the reviews of real players, you can monitor their comments on how payouts are actually made and whether the bonus wagering periods are realistic.