Premier League clubs paid out a total of £273m in agent fees in the year up to February 1 and Arsenal’s fees accounted for £18.6m of that.

Arsenal money
Arsenal money

Arsenal paid the fifth highest amount in agent fees in the Premier League over the last year, shelling out almost £20m to agents to help facilitate transfers.

Arsenal paid out a little over half what Manchester City paid in agents fees but almost £5m more than Tottenham.

Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool were the only sides to pay out more in agent fees than Arsenal.

Fees paid to agents in the Premier League

  1. Manchester City £35m
  2. Manchester United £29m
  3. Chelsea £28.2m
  4. Liverpool £22.1m
  5. Arsenal £18.6m
  6. Tottenham £13.9m
  7. Watford £12.6m
  8. Leicester £12m
  9. Wolves £11.9m
  10. Everton £11.5m
  11. Leeds £11.4m
  12. West Ham £10.5m
  13. Aston Villa £9.5m
  14. Crystal Palace £8.8m
  15. Norwich £8.6m
  16. Newcastle £7.7m
  17. Brighton £6.2m
  18. Burnley £6m
  19. Southampton £4.9m
  20. Brentford £3.5m

[figures via Daily Mail, Friday 1 April edition]