Vinai Venkatesham says Arsenal have a very clear plan for what they’re going to do to strengthen in the summer transfer window.

Vinai Venkatesham
Vinai Venkatesham

Arsenal chief executive Vinai Venkatesham spoke at an Arsenal Fans’ Forum this week about the current situation at the club, including his disappointment and frustration at the early cup exits.

But Venkatesham went on to highlight how well last summer’s signings have settled, and he suggested Arsenal are prepared for the next steps.

“We are well in contention for European places,” Venkatesham told the Arsenal Fans’ Forum. “We have got a really good chance of getting in the top four, and that’s what we’re fighting for.

“A lot of rebuilding was done in the summer. There are plans to strengthen the club further this coming summer. We have a very clear plan.”

There was obviously quite a lot of disappointment within the Arsenal fanbase that the club didn’t add to their options in January, offloading a few players without replacements instead.

Venkatesham confirmed what was widely reported at the time, that Arsenal’s attempts to do business in January centred on trying to bring summer deals forward.

When that proved impossible, they avoided settling for quick fixes.

“I’m not a big fan of the January window,” Venkatesham added.

“We were focused on seeing if any of the things we wanted to do this summer could be brought forward. We were active in a number of conversations. In the end, it didn’t prove possible.

“Everybody is comfortable with what we have.”

Vinai Venkatesham
Vinai Venkatesham

If Arsenal can fight their way into the top-four all the same, that strategy will seem inspired. Arsenal have all their saved funds available to spend on their long-term targets with Champions League football as a draw.

If Arsenal fail to make top-four, many will see the January window as a missed opportunity and one of the primary reasons for that failure.