The Arsenal u23s will kick off their Premier League 2 season with a trip to the London Stadium, with the full fixture list now confirmed.

West Ham Arsenal 2
Folarin Balogun chases a West Ham u23 player on the ball (Photo via

The Premier League have updated their website with the Premier League 2 fixtures for the upcoming season, and Arsenal kick things off with yet another game against West Ham United. The Gunners faced the Hammers in both of the final two games of last season.

West Ham have confirmed that the opening fixture will take place at the London Stadium, raising hopes that fans will be able to attend the match.

The Arsenal u23s have a good record at the ground, having won the Premier League 2 title there in 2018 with a 3-1 victory, before following that up with a 3-2 win later the same year.

As for the rest of the fixtures, here’s the schedule in full:

  • Monday 16th August, 19:00 – West Ham vs Arsenal
  • Friday 20th August, 19:00 – Arsenal vs Crystal Palace
  • Friday 27th August, 12:00 – Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal
  • Saturday 11th September, 13:00 – Arsenal vs Manchester United
  • Sunday 19th September, 12:00 – Chelsea vs Arsenal
  • Saturday 25th September, 15:00 – Manchester City vs Arsenal
  • Friday 1st October, 19:00 – Arsenal vs Brighton
  • Saturday 16th October, 14:00 – Liverpool vs Arsenal
  • Friday 22nd October, 19:00 – Arsenal vs Everton
  • Friday 29th October, 19:00 – Leeds United vs Arsenal
  • Friday 5th November, 19:00 – Arsenal vs Leicester City
  • Monday 22nd November, 19:00 – Blackburn Rovers vs Arsenal
  • Friday 26th November, 19:00 – Arsenal vs Derby County
  • Monday 6th December, 19:00 – Everton vs Arsenal
  • Friday 17th December, 19:00 – Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur
  • Friday 7th January, 19:00 – Brighton vs Arsenal
  • Friday 14th January, 19:00 – Arsenal vs West Ham
  • Friday 21st January, 19:00 – Derby vs Arsenal
  • Friday 4th February, 19:00 – Arsenal vs Chelsea
  • Monday 21st February, 19:00 – Leicester City vs Arsenal
  • Friday 25th February, 19:00 – Arsenal vs Liverpool
  • Friday 11th March, 19:00 – Arsenal vs Blackburn Rovers
  • Monday 21st March, 19:00 – Crystal Palace vs Arsenal
  • Monday 4th April, 19:00 – Arsenal vs Manchester City
  • Friday 22nd April, 19:00 – Manchester United vs Arsenal
  • Friday 29th April, 19:00 – Arsenal vs Leeds United

There are certainly some interesting sections in there. Arsenal won’t have an easy start, facing Spurs, United, Chelsea, and City in matchdays three to six. A couple of London derbies in the opening week could also prove tricky.

Arsenal still haven’t officially hired a new u23 coach following Steve Bould’s departure, so the person in charge will have to get up to speed quickly.