Arsene Wenger has given his opinion on the proposals for a European Super League after the announcement on Sunday night.

Arsene Wenger presente sa biographie a Strasbourg NEWS : Arsene Wenger presente sa biographie a Strasbourg - 17/10/2020 ELY androcegarra/panoramic
Arsene Wenger presents his biography to Strasbourg – 17/10/2020 ELY androcegarra / panoramic

This weekend, Arsenal were one of 12 top clubs from England, Italy, and Spain to announce their intended participation in a new European Super League.

The proposals would effectively replace the Champions League with a new competition where the 15 founders (of which only 12 are confirmed so far) would have a guaranteed place every season. There would be five further spots open to other teams to qualify for.

There has been widespread condemnation of the plans from UEFA, FIFA, the Premier League, you name it. Arsene Wenger added to the list of objectors on Monday morning.

“I would say that it’s a bad idea,” Wenger told talkSPORT (via Mirror). “Football has to stay united. That is the most important thing and based on sporting merits and overall to respect the history of European football.

“I believe personally that this idea will not go far. I believe as well there’s a more dangerous idea behind it that is a big threat for the Premier League.

“When I was still in charge there was a lot going on from other countries to try to diminish the dominance of the Premier League and a project like that would certainly accelerate that.”

It certainly seems possible that the likes of Real Madrid are hoping to use the European Super League to further secure their position among the top clubs and dull the competition from the Premier League.

Although the Premier League clubs would all be involved, you’d imagine the European Super League would become the primary focus each season, with the Premier League paling somewhat in comparison. So they’d lose their edge over the other top leagues.

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke is unlikely to care much about that. As long as his club is still making money through Europe, the domestic revenue doesn’t matter as much anyway. But the smaller Premier League clubs will obviously be panicking right now.